Letters and Comments

Dear Dave,

When the August, 2012, issue of FOCUS came out, I was touring my large and widely scattered family. This is my first chance to say THANKS for the wonderful article concerning various highlights of my very busy life as mentioned in FOCUS.

The article was not too long. It was very well organized. The pictures were particularly good. My zest for living, working and playing was graphically set out.

As you read the article in FOCUS about my life in the Mt. Sterling/ Montgomery area, you cannot help but feel the warmth and pleasure which is ours as a part of this community.

One more time…..THANKS!

F.C. “Tyke” Bryan

P.S.: The “typist” loved it also (smile)!


Hi Jerlene,

First, Happy Birthday!

We enjoy FOCUS and feel as we know Mr. Griffin through his articles. It is also our way of “kinda” keeping up with you and your family. Enclosed is a check to renew our subscription (2 years).

We are hanging in with the Golden Years—David had emergency appendix surgery, all healed now; my COPD is severe, and macular degeneration limits my computer work, but I am grateful for what I can see and do.

We think of you often. Again, Happy Birthday!

Your friends,

David and Edna Macon

Owensboro KY

Dear David Joe,

Wow!  What a great book [View from the Mountain; An Eastern Kentucky Boy Comes of Age in the 50s—Kin, Cars and Cruisin’]– I love all of it.  It is just full of wonderful memories of the “good old days” and they were!  Love the pictures.  They add so much.  I am looking forward to our book signing.

            Thank you so much for the book!! 

Your friend forever,

Martha Cox

Mt. Vernon KY


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