FOCUS on Health

Home for Health:

Teaching Health from the Ground Up

By Janice Lee Odom


How many times have we heard the words “inoperable,” “terminal,” “morbid”? In America, we largely depend on allopathic medicine. The focus of allopathic medicine is to diagnose a problem and to seek treatment options. There is a system associated with allopathic medicine. At its core is insurance.

Without denigrating any of the good work that allopathic medicine does, it is interesting to note that often times important aspects of a patient’s lifestyle are not addressed. Aspects such as diet, exercise, nutrition, herbal remedies, hot and cold therapies, hydrotherapy’s, and light therapies are not fully discussed or evaluated as means to better health.

A little education goes a long way. At the end of Pecks Creek Road just outside Stanton, Kentucky, there is a 10,000 square-foot facility called Home for Health. Steve and Suzane Day, both certified herbologists, are the directors of Home for Health. Their philosophies, derived from Biblical scripture, have helped multitudes of people achieve better health. These include people who were given a poor prognosis through traditional medicine.

For instance, Steve is an advocate of eating organic foods. Organic foods are not treated by harsh chemicals which can then be ingested by the human body. Apart from that, chemically treated vegetables and fruits may grow larger, but is larger really better? Some studies have shown that modern-day vegetables and fruits do not have the same nutritional value that they used to have.

While diet and nutrition books abound, being immersed in a lifestyle with a built-in health component is of incredible value. We have all seen the success of television shows like The Biggest Loser where contestants move to a ranch where they are taught to exercise and eat right. While those contestants are competing for a cash prize, many of them will tell you that the best prize is the things they learned on the ranch.

Such is the case with Home for Health. People say that their time there is priceless. Incredibly, they run solely on donations. There are accommodations for up to 10 guests, who each have their own room and bathroom. The typical stay would range from one to three weeks and some stay longer.

Arriving guests receive a nutritional analysis developed by Dr. Carey Reams. This helps Steve determine deficiencies and to set up a nutritional plan. The programs are specialized for each individual guest. Therapies will vary to some extent, juices and supplements also vary based on individual needs. Every day includes walks, devotional time, healthy meal time, class time, therapy time, and on certain days there are special evening programs. The weekend schedule varies; there are no classes and they often do some fun outings. They do a devotion service Saturday morning and if the guest so chooses, the directors will take them to a church of their preference on Sunday.

Steve Day is very open about sharing his testimony. His approach to life and to his job comes from his personal relationship with God.

Steve says, “There are few things in life as rewarding as helping someone on the verge of death to be restored to health. I love to see the joy that it brings to a family. Suzanne and I were hooked! We knew this was what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives. God’s providence eventually led us to Kentucky to operate the Home for Health Lifestyle Center. We feel so blessed to be able to be in this ministry. Sue and I have worked with many people over the years and we are grateful for all the friends we have made along the way. My experience has taught me several things. God is a real, loving being. His justice is always mingled with mercy and that God is not looking for men to rule over other men, but he is fully capable of taking control, if we will let him lead. We are all called by God!”


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