It is Never too Late

Bowen Farm Bed & Breakfast

Old woman cryingIn his book, The Noticer, Andy Andrews tells a story about an elderly man known as just Jones, meeting an older woman who was giving up on life.  Being seventy years old myself I read this story several times and reading that story with the fact in mind that I had gone through a painful divorce, I decided I had to do something differently.  So, I opened the Bowen Farm Bed and Breakfast in my home that I had built with the help of my former wife.  A year later, I started The Rugged Red Trail Half Marathon in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky.  Both of these events made a huge change in my life for the better.the-noticer

Let me share a little bit of Andrew’s story of Jones who met the older woman, Willow.  It may inspire you as well.

A few comments back and forth after…

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