Appalachia Guru on Kentucky Food


Here is Eastern Kentucky, there is nothing better on the menu than soup beans and cornbread served up with some green onions or perhaps some fried green tomatoes. I have learned that the rest of the world calls the green onions “scallions.”

My Grandma Beatrice served up this dish quite often. So often, in fact, that I tired of it. She is gone now, and what I wouldn’t do to have some of her soup beans and cornbread. Nobody does it like she did, although my friend Rhonda does a very close approximation.

I can still taste the butter soaked cornbread which Grandma fried up like a pancake and called hoe-cakes.

Tomatoes were a crop she annually planted, whether or not we had anything else. We would have green tomatoes as soon as they were ready. Then, we would have fresh garden tomatoes which I liked best off the vine…

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