Intellectual Hillbilly DVD Ratings for Featuring the Arts Radio

Three Days to Kill–Costner delivers a solid performance in this thriller about a terminally ill operative trying to make amends with his daughter and ex-wife before his demise. I give it 3 bricks of firecrackers.

Walk of Shame–Elizabeth Banks is hilarious in this comedy about a television reporter trying to make it to an important interview audition after a night of uncharacteristic partying. I give it 4 bricks of firecrackers.

Afflicted–This is a take on vampires which is a cross between Blair Witch Project and and Lost Boys, only probably not as good. Not only was it badly filmed (many scenes were very dark) it was also cheesy and predictable. While the actor’s skills were not bad, it was a DUD.

Neverlake–This was another slow-moving film that you might want to watch on fast-forward. It felt like a much older movie from around the 60’s in which cultish leaders tried to sacrifice a victim for their own nefarious purposes.  I did find the Etruscan connection interesting, and the actors were not horrible. Overall, it was a DUD.





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