What is a FAKE Person?


I hate to admit it, but even here in Appalachia, I am a bit of a social butterfly when it comes to social media. I am on FB, and Twitter, LinkedIn and I love Pinterest. I realize I have many friends on FB, but in my defense I actually know most the people on my list of friends. Some I am only acquainted with, but I have come to know them through their posts.

Lately, I have been seeing the term “Fake Person” used quite a lot. It has caused me some anxiety. First, because, well, I have never met a fake person. All of us people are real, I can assure you. Whether we are high maintenance or regular Joes, we are real. We have feelings, emotions, personalities, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

I do, however, believe that our thoughts have a huge impact on our behavior, which is why…

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