Awesome thoughts on writing.

Tara Staley

If “conditions were favorable” for romance, why would Orville or Wilbur Wright turn it down?

My husband and I are big early aviation enthusiasts. We hang little plane ornaments on our Christmas tree. We have a small replica of the “Glamorous Glennis” with Chuck Yeager’s signature on it and the Time Life collection of books on flight. So when we were visiting North Carolina’s Outer Banks in October 1999, we visited the Wright Brothers Memorial at Kill Devil Hills. Granted, our fascination with flight hadn’t (yet) reached all the way back to when it was invented, but we enjoyed touring the museum and learning about this fascinating pair of inventors–they did printing? They had a little newspaper? What’s this wind tunnel thing? You mean there were two other Wright brothers in the family? We checked out the beautiful granite structure atop big Kill Devil Hill and got stuck with some…

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