Google, Microsoft Dominate Forbes’ List Of Tech Billionaires; Zuckerberg, Moskovitz Are The Youngest

Who are the world’s richest people?


Forbes has today published its annual list of the world’s richest people — and once again tech and its related tentacles continue to lead the top of the list. Coming in at number-one for the fourth year in a row is Carlos Slim Helu, the Mexico-based mogul who controls Latin American mobile carrier America Movil and has holdings in mobile carriers in Europe: net worth $73 billion. Microsoft’s Bill Gates continues to sit at number-two with net worth of $67 billion, and Oracle’s Larry Ellison comes in at number five overall with net worth of $43 billion.

Breaking out technology from the rest of the list (Forbes does not count Slim Helu as ‘tech’ but instead as telecoms), the very biggest tech companies continue to dominate the list. Microsoft and Google are tied for the most individuals making the top-20 richest tech people, at three apiece. In addition to…

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