The Snackadium

Looks delicious!

Tri Fatherhood

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

It’s the best time of year for football fans everywhere. The NFL playoffs are in full swing and the BCS National Title game between Alabama and Notre Dame is tonight!

To celebrate the season Mommy decided to help me participate in Pillsbury’s annual “Snackadium” promotion. To call your mommy “crafty” or “creative” is an understatement, so she more than agreed…she immediately got to work. The task: build a stadium made out of snacks. Simple. The only requirement was the use Pillsbury crescent rolls and pizza crust in the creation.

As a multisport family we also needed the snackadium to include a few healthy options. We put them in the goods seats!

Step 1: get Grandfather to cut some sheet metal for the stadium walls for us. He cut them 6 inches high.


He added a personal touch with Texas Longhorn duct tape


Step 2: you girls…

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